What We Do

Curi­ous about our work.
Please fol­low the links below for a few examples.

Polit­i­cal Ad —
Pro­duced, Shot & Cut by Rudy Fer­gu­son, Chris Hardcastle

Har­lin­gen Med­ical Cen­ter Radi­ol­ogy and Imag­ing Ser­vices Promo–
Pro­duced and Directed By Rudy Fer­gu­son
Shot & Cut by Nora Gra­cia, Chris Hard­cas­tle
Graph­ics by Daniel Mata

Rab­bit Booths Com­mer­cial
Directed, Shot & Cut by Daniel Mata

Pro­file — The Art Walk at Baloo’s
Pro­duced, Shot & Cut by Rudy Ferguson